Hebrew and Israel –- First Steps

Dr. Irit Cohen-Amit, Noga Perry

מק"ט: 37-2200
284 עמודים - כריכה רכה
מחיר: 35 $


The book includes a map + letter inscription special page.

Based on years of experience in dictionary publishing and Hebrew teaching, we proudly present this innovative method of teaching a new language.

The book includes a Hebrew course consisting of 24 units; each unit introduces the learner to a different part of Israel along with a new vocabulary, reading chapter, grammatical structures and exercises. Beginning in the center of Israel, with basic alphabet and vocabulary, it takes you north, east and south, on a virtual tour of Israel along with a new language experience.

The book is intended for students, youth, adults, as well as retirees of all faiths.

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An English-Hebrew Phrase Book & CD